Why us

Service charges are too often the source of disputes between landlord and tenant with tenants concerned about high costs, poor communications, inadequate or late information and misunderstood or inappropriate management
activity – particularly if this has not been agreed with the tenants in advance.

Service Charge Consultants Ltd has been established by a team of highly experienced consultants with a wide knowledge and understanding of how to achieve value for money service charges in commercial property. The team includes specialists in mechanical and electrical engineering, surveying and the management of contracts and staff and has over 35 years experience of assessing and analysing the fabric and services of office buildings and retail premises leading to major improvements in value for money service charges.

Meet the team


Peter Bond
Managing Director

With a background in civil engineering and following two years at London Business School, Peter co-founded a serviced office business which grew to 20 locations and which was later sold on to a plc. His detailed understanding of service charges resulted in Peter co-founding a successful service charge consultancy in 1992 of which he was a director. Peter has researched and co-authored many publications on the industry centred on improving the management of commercial multi-let buildings. Peter later founded Service Charge Consultants Ltd to concentrate on improving the management of UK commercial buildings and achieving value-for-money service charges for occupiers.


Derek Worthington

Derek's background is in managing facilities and refurbishment projects for insurance companies and PwC as well as acting as a managing agent for one of the UK’s major banks. Recently, Derek spent eleven years as a service charge consultant achieving significant cost reductions and refunds for clients. Derek has a sound understanding of the property needs of corporate tenants and a wealth of experience of lease terms, service charges and contracts management including; M&E maintenance, HVAC, security and general building management.

Derek has been a member of the British Institute of Facilities Management since 1999 and has recently obtained his IOSH Managing Safely Certificate.


Sam Brookbank

Following a management degree, Sam joined a service charge consultancy and carried out analytical and financial analysis of clients’ service charge portfolios and provided service charge consultancy, strategic asset advice, client budgeting (helping the client to budget service charge exposure nationally) and landlord/tenant relationship work for major financial and other institutions. More recently Sam has been a property manager at LSH managing key assets on behalf of a leading fund client.

Sam is currently studying for an MSc in Surveying (construction) to increase his knowledge of structural and fabric issues of commercial properties.