Services Charges

Service charges are the common costs of operating and maintaining the fabric and services of multi-let commercial buildings and are normally apportioned to each tenant as set out in the lease.

UK office service charges are estimated to be in excess of £4.5 billion p.a, and are increasing faster than inflation. In an economic downtum, rents stabilise and fall with the market whereas service charges continue to rise.

Under the terms of the typical lease it is the landlord's responsibility  to provide the services and maintain the building but it is the tenant’s responsibility to pay. This relationship can lead to conflicts of interest which may result in poor quality services, high costs or both.

Is your building being well-managed, and do the services provided meet your needs and offer value-for-money?

We have 35 years of experience improving the value-for-money of service charges in office and retail premises.

We bring a team approach to solving complex service charge problems employing a range of specialist skills including property, contract and engineering professionals.